Fat reduction and facial rejuvenation
BodyLight Centers use proprietary low level light therapy devices to achieve dramatic body transformations. Treatments with different lightwave variations can promote fat loss, reduce the appearance of cellulite, diminish wrinkles and fine lines, lighten age spots and dark under eye circles, clear acne, smooth complexion and tighten aging skin.

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Producer Rachel

Choose where you want to lose!
Custom body contouring protocols let you decide where you want to lose inches. BodyLight lightwave therapy releases fat from targeted areas for you to burn first. Don’t let nature dictate which fat stores to use, you choose where you want to lose!

Center locations
We have multiple stores open in the Metropolitan Detroit area. New centers are now open in the Metropolitan Chicago area. BodyLight is dedicated to bringing you the most convenient and affordable lightwave fat loss and facial rejuvenation therapies.

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